IF ______ happens in GoldMine, DO _______ in another Web App

Have you ever asked the question – “If  _______ happens in GoldMine, can I Do ______ in some other web application?”


Here are some scenarios to help you better understand:

  • If I schedule a call, appt, next action, etc. in GoldMine, can I have that activity added to my Google Calendar?
  • If I schedule a call for a user in GoldMine, can I have it alert that person in SLACK (chat app)?
  • If a contact record is deleted in GoldMine, can I add that contact record to an excel online spreadsheet?
  • If a contact record is added in GoldMine, can I trigger a drip email campaign in Reply? (http://reply.io/)
  • If an email merge code is added in GoldMine, can I add that contacts email address to a Mailchimp Subscription list?
  • If I receive a certain email in GoldMine, can I have it alert me via SMS Text Message?
  • If I complete a Forcasted Sale in GoldMine, can I have it create an invoice in Quickbooks Online?

Using PowershellSQL Triggers and Zapier.com the answer is YES!

If you’d like to discuss these and other possible workflow integration scenarios between your GoldMine and any other Web Based Applications you may use, please contact First Direct Corp at (800) 935-4386 or fill-out the following online request form and a representative will contact you back.



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