Why Pay for Cloud When GoldMine Web is Included with GoldMine Premium CRM?

screen shot - GM Web

There’s a lot of confusion about the terms:  cloud, web-based, mobile access, and software as a service (SaaS).  Some people think that in order to access their CRM software via their smart-phone or tablet that they need their CRM software to be “in the cloud” and that in order to do that they need to be paying hosting or SaaS fees.  Not the case!

With GoldMine Premium Edition you can purchase it once and OWN your software.  With GoldMine Premium CRM you don’t have to pay monthly/yearly hosting fees.  It can be installed on your own server.  AND, you can still access it via the Internet on your smartphone and tablet!

GoldMine Premium CRM now includes a “GoldMine Connect” installation, which gives your GoldMine users access to GoldMine data in real-time via a web browser on their smart phone, tablet or pc/laptop device with an internet connection.  This browser based application is called GoldMine Web.   It is included with GoldMine Premium CRM.

GoldMine Web features include:

  • Detailed contact record views including pending and completed activities, custom fields, notes and details
  • Graphical calendar helps you stay organized by scheduling calls, appointments, actions and more
  • Automatically link sent and received emails using your local email client
  • GoldMine Web is included free with the purchase of Premium licenses  – new or upgrades. GoldMine Premium customers current on maintenance are also entitled to the upgrade to GoldMine Web

GoldMine Web provides the look and feel of a web client and doesn’t require installation for the end user of GoldMine Premium Edition. GoldMine Web makes support for the administrator simple because there is no software to install or manage. Because GoldMine Web extends the functionality of GoldMine Premium Edition via the browser, users can continue to manage key contact and relationship management functionality as if they were working in the native Windows environment.

GoldMine Web features an intuitive and feature-rich interface for contact management. GoldMine Web is great for remote offices, teleworkers, or users travelling. While GoldMine Mobile is specifically designed for iOS and Android devices, GoldMine Web expands the CRM capability with features in GoldMine Premium Edition CRM for Windows to users with a browser and is the perfect solution for organizations looking for a hybrid CRM cloud solution.

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