Email Address Validation for GoldMine Users


MailboxValidator is an easy to use email address validation service. Users have an option to validate a single email address or do a bulk validation of a list of email addresses. Using an email address verifier service like MailboxValidator can help lower your email marketing campaign costs. After you have performed an email address verification, your email list will have less stale emails that will translate into less hard bounces and a better email sending reputation.

Keep a clean email list without the hassle. MailboxValidator handles the tangled web of email verification, so your newsletters are always sent to the right spot. Now you can verify addresses on the fly by routing them directly from GoldMine one at a time, or via a Bulk CSV Export. Contact First Direct Corp. today to discuss your GoldMine email address validation needs.

Key Features

  • Email Syntax Checker – Validates that the email address conforms to a standard format.
  • MX Record Checker – Checks for the existence of mail server records in the DNS.
  • MX Server Connection Checker – Tests for a successful network connection to the mail server.
  • Email Greylisting Checker – Checks if the mail server uses spam trap as honeypot.
  • Free Email Provider Checker – Checks to see if the email address is from a free email provider like Gmail.
  • Disposable Email Provider Checker – Checks to see if the email address is from a disposable email provider like Mailinator.
  • Suppressed Email Checker – Checks if an email is in our own Do Not Mail list.
  • Role Email Checker – Checks if an email address is a role email like admin, support, webmaster or sales.
  • Duplicate Email Remover – Removes duplicate emails in list to save cost.
  • Bulk Validation Supported – Upload a mailing list to speed up bulk cleaning.
  • Single Validation Supported – Validate a single email immediately.
  • Free Trial – Free trial plan with 100 credits.


  • Improves email delivery success rate.
  • Reduces bad email reputation due to undelivered or bounced emails.
  • Fully automated.
  • Comprehensive report of domains, good-bad emails, etc.
  • Easy to use.