IntelliClick Version 9.5.0 – IMPORTANT RELEASE

intelliclick_logoThe latest IntelliClick 9.5.0 version has been released and it is confirmed compatible with the latest version of GoldMine. The next time you run the IntelliClick Wizard, you may be prompted with an option to update to the latest version. This version will update both the Wizard and IntelliSend modules.

Access the version download page here to obtain the update. Make sure your users have closed all IntelliClick modules (IntelliClick Wizard, IntelliSend and integrety management) before proceeding.


Highlights in this release include:

  • UPDATED: Important updates to the IntelliSend module that take advantage of changes made by Unified Email for access to managing hard bounces, subject line and message SPAM testing; Apply this update to your system before May 27, 2016 to be sure these features continue to function correctly!
  • NEW: Sample SQL queries will be added to your GoldMine SQL query area under the CLICKS user; these queries allow users to view various types of tracked campaign results and check GoldMine email address data integrity
  • NEW: the new Canada Anti Spam Legislation (CASL) Management Module has been added. Access will be automatically available to those who subscribe to this feature