GoldMine Premium Edition 2015.1 Hotfix 2 Released

What’s New in GoldMine 2015.1 Hotfix 2

  • When logged into GoldMine Web, view page source to determine the GoldMine Base and Contact Set database aliases
    currently in use.

What’s Fixed in GoldMine 2015.1 Hotfix 2

  • When in a detail tab, editing or creating new, when clicking the INFO tab, the dialogue box flickers, the recently viewed items flicker and also other non GoldMine applications
  • When scheduling or Completing activities, the Tab view and the recently viewed list will refresh causing a performance degrade.
  • Web import is duplicating Contact2 entries for each imported contact when a lookup.ini is in use
  • Downloading E-mails with a winmail.dat attachment crashes GoldMine

If you are current on your GoldMine Maintenance and would like to schedule an update with First Direct Corp. please contact our office at (800) 935-4386 to speak to a technician.