GoldMine Premium Edition 2014 No Longer Supports Windows XP

Thinking about upgrading your GoldMine? Did you know that the latest versions of GoldMine no longer support/run on Windows XP?

Microsoft has ended Windows XP support. Windows XP is 12 years old—that’s pretty old for an operating system. In the past 12 years you’ve probably gotten a new phone, maybe a new TV, and possibly even a new car. Maybe it’s time for a new PC too, so you can make sure you have more memory and storage, faster processing speeds, and a higher-quality display (some even come with touch). And they’re less expensive than you might think.

So if you’re stilling using a computer running Windows XP, and thinking about upgrading GoldMine, you’ll want to get a new PC running a more current Windows OS.

Here is a link to the GoldMine System Requirements –