What’s Fixed in GoldMine Premium Edition 2014.1 Hotfix 6

GoldMine Premium Edition 2014.1.0.489 | GoldMine Mobile Edition 2014.1.0.681

Notes: To upgrade GoldMine Mobile, it is necessary to uninstall any existing version and install GMME 2014.1.0.681 as a new installation. It may also be necessary to clear device/browser cache. Messages sent by the GoldMine Messaging Service for GoldMine Mobile can be configured to include a link to the alarmed activity. With this version, the link may not open the activity.

Issue # Title


Auto upgrade fails in GoldMine 2014 – silent installer ends with a message The wizard was interrupted before GoldMine could be completely installed


There is no longer a GoldMine messaging service when you install GMPE 2014.1

For a list of all the updates for GoldMine Premium Edition please visit http://www.1stdirect.com/goldmine/Premium/releasenotes.html