The GoldMine Guide to SQL Queries – $34.95

Filters & Groups sometimes are great for segmenting and finding data, but sometimes a SQL Query just works best or is the only option, The GoldMine Guide to SQL Queries will teach you how to write those queries so you can get the most out of your GoldMine database.

The Guide Will Be Invaluable To You If…

  • You need to see all accounts without an email address
  • You want to see a list of all primary and secondary contacts, together
  • You loose clients because you forget to contact them for 6 (3? 2?) months
  • You need to develop a call list of all prospects that were entered into the system last year
  • You want to see how many prospects came from each lead source
  • You need to see who is tagged with a particular merge code
  • You struggle to develop lists for mailing out holiday cards, brochures, new product announcements
  • You need a list of all secondary contact and their email addresses

What Is The GoldMine Guide to SQL Queries?

The GoldMine Guide to SQL Queries is an book written for GoldMine users to assist you in writing SQL Queries.

Through 11 chapters and over 70 pages of explanations, examples, and exams with answers you’ll learn how to write even the most challenging SQL queries for GoldMine to help you mine your GoldMine.

Start Mining Today & Receive These Special Bonuses!

  • 10 Queries For Marketing & Sales Success! I use these queries daily to ensure timely follow up, campaign monitoring and more!
  • Life Time Updates. Whenever the Guide is updated you will automatically get the latest version!
  • 5 Cool Ideas For Succeeding At Work. Over 350 absolutely indispensable ideas for success at the office, authored by my friend and mentor Michael Angelo Caruso of Edison House.
  • 7 SQL Queries To Ensure GoldMine Data Integrity. Run these once a month to ensure the database that holds your critical prospect and customer information is in top condition.