SQL Query – Additional GoldMine Contacts E-mail Address and Email Merge Code

The following SQL Query shows all Additional GoldMine Contacts with their Email Address and Email Merge Code:

SELECT Company, ac.contact AS ‘Additional Contact’, COALESCE(em.contsupref, ”)+COALESCE(em.address1, ”) AS ‘Email Address’,   em.mergecodes
FROM contact1
JOIN contsupp ac on contact1.accountno=ac.accountno
JOIN contsupp em on ac.recid=em.linkacct
WHERE ac.rectype=’c’ AND em.contact=’E-Mail Address’ AND (em.linkacct NOT LIKE ” AND em.linkacct IS NOT NULL) AND em.zip LIKE ‘_0%’

Please use this .txt file to copy/paste as doing so from above will not work, due to character formatting.