Which Way Do I Go? Figuring out the mobile options for GoldMine

Are you trying to take your GoldMine Premium Software on the road with you?  Are you confused about which solution to go with?

With so many choices it is no wonder people are confused.  One company wants to sell you iGoldMine, another wMobile, or CompanionLink, and now there’s the new GoldMine Mobile.  And, then there is the option of synching your GoldMine to your personal Outlook and letting Outlook communicate to your device.  Then again, you might consider doing the synch through Exchange using another solution.  It’s easy to get confused and lost and never get to your destination!

With so many ways to go there are also pros & cons.   The best choice for one firm, and even the different groups of users in a firm, depends on several factors such as the device, what you’re trying to access, what you’re willing to spend.

wMobile – mature solution with extremely rich functionality and a client for mobile phones and workstations.  Offers two user interfaces to suit the screen size differences.  Works with most major devices.  Will support email tracking in the GoldMine contact both from within the wMobile client or directly from the device.

iGoldMine – a mature solution, based on OEM technology, the publishes GoldMine and many other applications to remote workstations and tablets.  Provides the full client experience without the install or administration on the device.

CompanionLink – the most mature solution that supports synchronization to store data on the device or to your Google account so you can access the very limited data and calendars remotely.  Will synch automatically from your workstation up to Google.  Great for quick and simple access to limited contact information and calendar.

GoldMine Mobile – the new kid on the block.  FrontRange’s third attempt at a phone access solution.  Some nice features but still to early to tell what the issues are.

First Direct is happy to demonstrate all these options and discuss your needs an offer a recommendation.  CompanionLink is the least expensive and the other three are priced alike.  First Direct sells them all – so all the matters is what’s best for you!