What’s New In GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.3 Release


The biggest reason that FrontRange released 9.03 is to accommodate changes that are needed for GoldMine Premium Edition to support its new GoldMine Mobile Edition 9.  (** See note below.)

A new Messaging tab appears in the user options screen when a GoldMine Mobile license is added to the License Manager.  The Messaging tab enables users to receive alarms for upcoming activities on their mobile devices as SMS messages.  For more information, please review the GoldMine Mobile Edition Installation and User Guide.  The Pager tab that appeared in previous releases is no longer displayed.

With the 9.03 release also come some “fixes.”

ID # – Issue Description

150834 – Performance issues moving from one message to another in Outlook when connected to GoldMine

133122  – Service Center displays all records in the database if no filter is applied by the user (does not respect limits on System Settings > Display)

120811  – GoldMine stops responding while e-mail messages are being queued

118791  – Slow response when handling e-mails for a contact with a large number of opportunities


Note:  GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.3 also provides the fixes and enhancements included with GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.0, GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.1, GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.1 Hotfix 1, and GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.2, listed below.

** FrontRange is recommending that customers NOT go to the 9.0.3 release unless either they are buying GoldMine Mobile, or if they are experiencing one of the issues that is specifically fixed with 9.0.3. At this time FRS is considering 9.0.2 the “current” release.  (I know – strange!!  What can I tell you.)

If you’d like to see a demonstration or if you have questions about GoldMine Mobile contact First Direct Corp. at (800) 935-4386 or visit to request a demonstration.