You Do NOT Want to Make THIS Call!

We live in a wild world where a computer virus or malicious software (Spy-ware and Mal-ware) can attack and shut your system and business down at any time!

You don’t want to be making this call!!
It is not uncommon for First Direct to get a call from a GoldMine customer/user who has effectively lost access to their CRM system because of a virus or Malware attack.  Generally they are in a panic!  As you can imagine, the thought of losing their valuable relationship data accumulated over years and a great deal of effort, as well as not being able to access  documents on prospects, customers, and others is a scary situation for any firm.  

Malware and viruses grow smarter, more complex and more rampant by the day. According to one expert source, “There were over 73,000 new variants of malware released daily in April 2011 which is a 26 percent increase over April 2010.”  And there are more ways for attacks to be spread than ever before: the Internet, personal computing devices, file downloads, email, social media . . . the list grows.  Even fake antivirus software and poisoned image search links are becoming prevalent ways of spreading.

The attack can start anywhere and its tentacles may reach out to your entire network as well as your server and even onto your stored backups!  That’s right … even your backups can import viruses and spyware upon execution.

Your Goldmine CRM takes a hit when your network is compromised by attacks.  If a virus or Malware attack compromises your CRM data and usage, it can severely damage the overall business.

Of course you can call me after this happens if heaven forbid it happens to you!  We do help people and businesses rectify problems after they occur.  But wouldn’t it be much better to take actions to try to avoid the disaster in the first place?

If you’d like, First Direct Corp. can have an engineer with special experience and expertise in this area review your protection.  Even if you have internal or external IT Support that is responsible for your system’s protection, we can give you a second opinion or provide validation.