GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.1 Released January 10th 2011

The GoldMine product team is pleased to announce the release of GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.1 which will be  available next week.

As with all GMPE service packs, the biggest driver for GMPE 9.0.1 is product quality.  This release contains over 50 fixed issues for improved product stability and quality.  For a complete list of fixes and improvements, refer to the GMPE 9.0.1 release notes.  GMPE 9.0.1 also supports Microsoft Office 2010 (32 bit version).

I know existing Premium Edition 8.x/9.0.0 users are going to ask whether First Direct is recommending they upgrade at this time.  This release is as new to me as it is to you!  So, while I do believe this is a big and needed improvement over ALL prior releases of Premium Edition I still need a week or two with it to form a solid opinion.  I will post that opinion as soon as I have it right here!  So please check back if you care to know.

If you have any questions regarding this release or anything GoldMine related, please contact First Direct Corp at (800) 935-4386


GoldMine Premium Edition now supports Microsoft Office 2010 (32-bit version).

GoldMine now can access Windows certificate stores to authenticate digitally signed e-mail messages. This option is available via Tools > Options > E-mail > More Options > Security > Digital IDs > Trusted Certificate Authorities > Import.

Users can now minimize the details pane that shows fields in the Opportunity Manager, Project Manager, and Service Center.

Note: GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.1 also provides the fixes and enhancements included with GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.0 and GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.0 Hotfix 2.


ID # Issue Description
132899 Error message when opening Outlook folder from GoldMine E-mail Center

on Windows 7

132294 Cannot add note from Outlook when using non-US regional settings
129817 ADO Error shown in Event Viewer after deleting e-mail message and synchronizing
129243 When multiple calendar tabs are open with activities selected, the contact record tab may oscillate between contacts
128879 Mail Merge fails when using a template that is active in preview pane in Links tab
128466 Localized characters corrupted when using Quote text on Plain text emails
127510 Non-master users cannot see closed opportunities managed by other users on the contact record’s Opportunity tab
127504 Application error when retrieving transfer set with change to field label shown on active primary fields view while Contact Search Center is open
127503 Contact record focus changes when sync session ends
127086 Intermittent application errors when user retrieves meeting request
126946 Misspelling in Dashboard: ‘defenition’ instead of ‘definition’
126689 Dialog text does not indicate that you can enter a company name when searching for a contact to link an Outlook e-mail
126588 Exception when saving GoldMine settings in Outlook
126515 When creating a forecasted sale, the product field is truncated to 20 Characters
126133 Line breaks are doubled in e-mails linked from Outlook on Windows 7
125818 Cannot use custom field labels in Opportunity Manager
125614 Report does not return results when using active contact filter and contact set is not the main one for the database
125287 Forecast Dashboard produces error when Windows regional settings are set to use comma as decimal symbol and period as digit grouping symbol
124901 Outlook sync does not automatically restart when GoldMine is launched and Outlook sync has been running in silent mode even with Automatically synchronize with Outlook option turned on
124807 Database operation error occurs after changing an option and selecting (All Users) in Outlook Integration Settings
124658 Stop Timer action causes timer to be removed from status bar
124173 Linking via Outlook corrupts special characters when e-mail uses UTF-8 encoding
123440 Auto-linking does not work for e-mails received into non-default Outlook inbox on Vista
123394 Universal Search for e-mail does not return correct results in Windows 7
123267 After scheduling an activity with a primary contact, edit to replace the primary contact with an additional contact is not saved
123263 Send E-mail option in Additional Contacts tab opens GoldMine compose window even if Outlook is the default e-mail client
123221 E-mail link produces two prompts for an e-mail address when there are multiple e-mail addresses related to the contact and Outlook is used for linked e-mail addresses in GoldMine
122554 Error message is generated after clicking on New >> Opportunity or New >> Project in E-mail message window without manually linking a contact
122480 Opportunities in which contact is a team member are unavailable for linking from Outlook
122475 Up/Down buttons are missing in Column Selection tab of Select Browser Columns window in Contact Search Center
122229 Macro data is not merged when applying an e-mail template in Outlook
121836 Performance issue when selecting a Recently Viewed contact with a lot of history or pending activities
121631 Application error when closing GoldMine with Script tab open in tabbed view or in custom view
121464 When using Windows 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Services, GoldMine may hang when user scrolls rapidly through e-mail messages with images
120744 Contact2 macro within e-mail template displays the macro when field data is unavailable
120379 Comodo Digital Signature not valid in GoldMine
119945 Sporadic application errors when sending e-mails
118323 Cannot change the label display for user-defined fields in Opportunities
118303 From: e-mail address is truncated when replying to an e-mail sent from Outlook with Exchange 2007
118152 Error when using Lookup Wizard for query based on field value and history in selected date range
117069 Removing a user from one group may cause it to be removed from other user groups
117048 Internal GoldMine e-mails are not visible in E-mail Center until Refresh button is pressed
116650 When opportunity manager is not open, clicking on the opportunity link from Regarding column in task folder in activity list navigates to wrong opportunity
115314 Error message when attempting to open e-mails from the online folder after disconnecting from server
114430 Google Analytics scripts cause error when an e-mail containing them is viewed in the History tab with the preview pane open
114391 Converting additional contact does not carry over the additional contact’s notes
114244 Private activates are not indicated on Free/Busy tab for non-master users
113411 Auto link of an Excel .xls template will link the template, not the merged document
112404 After changes are made to the System tab in user options, notes are set to use plain text
109213 “Assertion Failed” message appears sporadically when using GoldMine E-mail center
108606 Intermittent application error when forwarding e-mail message
107643 E-mail preview stops working when headers are downloading and user toggles between inbox and online
107496 Can’t right-click and ‘file to’ a custom filed folder in the E-mail center if there are 51+ folders
107232 When GoldMine is open on the links tab, and an Excel file is in the preview, user is unable to open Excel document
107212 Pressing a key while viewing Inbox does not take you to section of messages beginning with associated key
106374 JavaScript in E-mail causes GoldMine to hang when viewing the History tab with the preview window active
104757 ‘Remember lookup by’ option does not retain ‘contact (primary and additional)’ selection after closing contact search center
104596 Workstation still launches previous version of GoldMine after upgrade process is canceled
104074 Change of E-mail list and Preview splitter is not retained after navigating away from E-mail Center
103994 Pressing a key while viewing Inbox does not take you to section of messages beginning with associated key
102393 Activity list focus does not move to the next item in list after completing an activity
102310 Getting a Digital Signature Verification Failure from military sender
100992 Keyboard shortcut to search for sender does not work in the E-mail Center
100046 E-mails sent from Newfoundland are being received 2.5 hours earlier in the GoldMine E-mail Center