GoldMine 6.x “New Years” Error

If you’re on GoldMine 6.x you’ve likely come across an unwelcome bug that appeared along with New Years 2011.

There is a fix that can be credited to a post on FrontRange site from “AHarry” that we have seen work, albeit not test for all versions.

Here it is “word-for-word’, link edited for easier download:

“This is a very easy patch with any hex editor. Find a free hex editor ( I use HxD from Load GMW6.EXE and do a text search for 20101231 change the 2010 to 2020 and save the file. No more warning (at least until 2020! )

Of course, you should back up your GMW6.EXE file before editing.. and you do this at your own risk although it is very simple I am not responsible if you mess something up.
And this also will not remedy any issues that may have been lurking that the developers felt they needed to warn against in the first place.. if there are any.”

We can also tell you that upgrading to GoldMine 7.x Corporate or GoldMine 9.x Premium Edition* will address this problem along with many other issues that will continue to plague old and unsupported versions of GoldMine.  The best long range solution is to upgrade!!

* GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.1 was released 01/10/201. Click here to read the latest release notes.

For assistance with applying this fix or upgrading contact your solution partner or First Direct Corp. 800-935-4386.