Simple But Efficient Sales/Office Automation

GoldMine software has long offered a very useful automation capability know as “Automated Processes.”  Just the term automated processes conjures up something elaborate, powerful, and complex to set-up.  Frankly it’s fair to say those are true adjectives.  But there are some rather simple, yet efficient and effective ways to use Automated Processes.

To begin with I’d actually like to take your expectations down a notch.  I believe one of the problems GoldMine administrators and organizations with GoldMine run into regarding the capabilities of Automated Processes is that they try to do too much too soon with it.   There are also unrealistic expectations.  So I want to offer a few simple examples of how I use Automated Processes that you might use as well.

Keep in mind that an Automated Process can be applied to a record very easily once it’s created.  A couple of key strokes and it “does what it is designed to do.”  So that might include:

  • Record in GoldMine that you called and left a voicemail message to confirm an appointment and send a reminder email
  • Queue up an email to follow-up a proposal
  • Print a cover letter and schedule a literature follow-up call
  • Mark a record for “Do Not Email” and notify your sales rep that their customer/prospect “opted out”

The possibilities for handling simple everyday tasks and recording them in your CRM system are as endless as the imagination.  But be practical.  Focus on the most prevalent needs you have — those things that can immediately save time, reduce training, add consistency, and increase productivity.

First Direct conducts a 4-hour workshop on Automated Processes in which we cover much more detail and address more uses.  To look into that click here.  If you’d like one-on-one assistance with planning and implementing Automated Processes, just contact First Direct at 845-221-3800.