Another Patch to GoldMine Premium Released in BETA

GoldMine Premium Edition 9.x has a new update in BETA.  9.01.27 was released to the BETA group on 10/14/10  for BETA testing.  FrontRange Solutions continues to work out issues with the latest edition of GoldMine Premium in BETA and has yet to provide a “general release” to address the issues that have been resolved in the BETA.  In most situations bugs/issues in Premium Edition are not a reason to hold off on the deployment of GoldMine Premium, especially for new users or users of older editions of GoldMine that wish to upgrade.  Even existing Premium Edition 8.x users are better off implementing the update since a large number of the changes in GMPE9.x address problems that existed in 8.x.

An important take away from the fact that there has been a succession of GMPE updates put into BETA testing is that FrontRange developers are actively finding and resolving problems.  I personally expect that FrontRange Solutions will come out with a public General Release update of 9.x pretty soon … if I were to speculate I would say before the end of November.  FrontRange is clearing the way to shift focus more on “improvements” in 9.x, but rightfully so, is concentrating on addressing outstanding problems before moving on.

If a GoldMine Premium Edition Customer is experiencing a problem and does not believe they can wait for access to the next general release, FrontRange Solutions may provide access to the BETA by request.  Frankly, most firms with Premium 9.x are better to just wait for the general release.