Update Word Document Links Automatically with MS Word Templates

The link between GoldMine Premium and Microsoft Word has a minor change to the DDE command line which is inserted with GoldMine Merge fields.  This effects whether or not the prompt in MS Word will pop-up when you show a template with GoldMine merge code.

Prior to the change, if you had the “General Settings” in your MS Word checked to “Update Automate Links at Open” when you opened or previewed a document with GoldMine Merge Codes you’d be prompted with the question of “Do you want to update this document with the data from the linked files?”  That does not happen with the new link due to a slight change in the DDE link that the Word template inserts with merge fields.

Some users want this feature back so they can merge and print a document template from within the GoldMine Document Management Center without even having to open MS Word.  If you want that feature back, you simpy need to Toggle Field Codes->and put the word AUTO in after the text for DDE.

Before – {DDE ….}
After – {DDEAuto ….}

If you have no idea why this matters I encourage you to have a First Direct GoldMine expert show you a trick or two of the things you can do with documents and GoldMine.  We even do a webinar on this topic if your interested – Check out:

Document Management Tricks with GoldMine – How to work more effectively as an organization through better document management procedures
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