Sending Attachments with GoldMine Email vs Internet Email

Did you know that GoldMine handles user-to-user email attachments differently than Internet email.

What are GoldMine user-to-user emails?

GoldMine user-to-user emails are emails that are sent directly from one GoldMine user to another GoldMine user without using an email address.  These inter-office emails
are sent from one GoldMine user and the email ends up directly in the recipients GoldMine inbox.

By default, GoldMine does not send a copy of the attached file when sending email to a GoldMine user, but rather simply creates a link in the email that points to the location of the originally attached file.  For users sending attachments from their local machines vs a networked location that all users can access, the attachment will not be accessible to the email recipient.

Here’s how you can change that:

1. Select Tools >> Options from menu
2. Select the Email Tab and click on the More Options button
3. Select the Composing tab
4. Uncheck the box ‘Send attachments as links for GM users’