GoldMine Premium 9. – “I Like …”

This post is intended to offer some highlights about features I and others like about the way 9.x works.

With the release of GoldMine Premium 9.x there’s a a lot to like and some things not to like.  To read an announcement of the GoldMine Premium 9.x release click here.   A good place to find many of the improvements is on the release notes.  I’ve all posted a page on our GMS site where we’re starting to list some less attractive “findings” about 9.x to provide GoldMine administrators with a helpful head’s up.

This post of things I like is a work-in-progress and today is JUST the start of it.  I’m hoping you and others will add comments about what you LIKE!  (Please put your negative findings on the “head’s -up” page.)

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This list is not intended to be a detailed explanation of any feature.  These are simply tidbits to encourage you to check them out further in what ever way you choose.  So, here we go — Finish the following sentence:  In GoldMine Premium 9.x I LIKE ….

1. That I can view, edit, and print a merge form in the GoldMine Document Management Center Preview Pane without switching over to MS Word.  I suggest you add some print options to your MS Word 2007 Ribbon in the application header by the Orb to make this function more accessible in the Document Management Preview Pane.   In addition, you’ll have to have the “Update Merge Field Links” checked on within Microsoft Words General section under Advanced Option in order to tell word to update the GoldMine Merge fields in your GoldMine Merge Template.

2. I like that I can use dashboards to see leads created during filtered time frames, such as the last 30 days, and then click to go to any particular lead on the list

3. I like that GoldMine works with Windows 7 and Office 2007 applications on my desktop

4. I like that I can see information on a GoldMine record from an Outlook email or Calendar

5. I like that a GoldMine administrator can edit the Outlook set-up for all users on the network without having to log into their machine

6. Because I do a lot of configuration of custom fields for my clients I like that fact that GoldMine now provides a master list of all field label names and database names,   Go to Tools > Configure > Record Types and click All Fields in the left panel.  A list of all contact database fields and labels will be shown, for view or export to Excel.

7. I user the Activity List feature in GoldMine all the time, and love it, I like that the Preview Pane now offers a hyperlink to the contact record.

8. As a GoldMine Administrator I like all the fixes to little but annoying details and further security enhancements. (There are so many to list that I just say see the GoldMine 9.x release notes.)

9. For years GoldMine users have wanted an “Undo” capability when editing GoldMine emails.  Finally … we have it!!  Just use the standard “windows hot key function” CTRL-Z to “step back” your edits.  You won’t find it on the local menu or the toolbar in email client, but rest assured that GMPE 9.x it works.  Prove it to yourself.

There’s more to follow but let’s here from others.  Please add your comments below!

Here’s a list of helpful documentation that is handy for you:

GoldMine 9.0 Release Notes

GoldMine 9.0 API Integration Guide

GoldMine 9.0 User Guide

GoldMine 9.0 Install Guide

GoldMine 9.0 Administrators Guide

GoldMine 9.0 Compatability Matrix

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