New GoldMine Premium 9.0 is Released

FrontRange Solutions announced the release of the latest update of GoldMine Premium Edition – GMPE 9.x. This update includes many significant enhancements.

Product Features include:

  • Configurable CRM Dashboards
  • Compatible with the latest Microsoft® technologies, including in-depth integration with Microsoft® Outlook®
  • Modern look and feel makes GoldMine Premium Edition easier to learn and use
  • New Customer Service and Support module improves customer satisfaction
  • Universal Search and Contact Search centers enable users to find GoldMine information easily
  • Additional business process support to manage your CRM needs more effectively
  • Complete CRM customer lifecycle management!

GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0 helps improve product stability and performance with hundreds of product enhancements, as well as administrative, security and installation improvements.

The upgrade to GoldMine Premium Edition includes Microsoft SQL Server® 2008 for better performance as your client information, users and database grows. Plus, since it is native SQL, it is more reliable than ever, and GMPE is Windows VISTA® and Windows® 7 compatible!

To learn more:

Note to Existing GoldMine Users:

If you are already on the Premium Edition and current on annual maintenance you are entitled to receive the update at NO CHARGE. You may wish to consider holding off just a bit to give First Direct and others a chance to “test the waters” so you can better plan for a smooth update experience.  Click here to see a post about findings on the upgrade.

If you are on an older edition of GoldMine speak to First Direct Corp. about special pricing offers and other details involved with an upgrade. If you would like to have a salesperson contact you click here.

Considering GoldMine for the First Time?

Whether you need 3 users, 5 users, 10 users, or a hundred users, First Direct Corp. is a great source for your system. And, now is a great time to introduce GoldMine CRM to you organization! Speak to us today!

Here’s a list of helpful documentation that is handy for you:

GoldMine 9.0 Release Notes

GoldMine 9.0 API Integration Guide

GoldMine 9.0 User Guide

GoldMine 9.0 Install Guide

GoldMine 9.0 Administrators Guide

GoldMine 9.0 Compatability Matrix

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