How to Properly Backup Your GoldMine Database.

For GoldMine Standard Edition (dBase)

Do not rely on GoldMine’s backup utility. The best way to back up GoldMine is to copy the entire goldmine folder (and its contents) to another location.  You can do this manually with a copy/paste or you can use any number of backup software programs or paid online backup services. You should back it up to a harddrive/location that is seperate from your GoldMine installation. If the   your GoldMine is on fails, dies or what ever else may go wrong with it, you don’t want your backup data to be on it as well. Use a portable harddrive or have a seperate partition or drive that you use.

For GoldMine Corporate & GoldMine Premium  (SQL)

Your GoldMine administrator/GoldMine partner should have a SQL Maintenance plan that is setup to backup your SQL Databases every night. You also want to make sure that you are backing up the GoldMine directory on the GoldMine Server.

*(See steps for dBase users above for backing up the  GoldMine directory)