Upcoming Sharpen Your GoldMine Knowledge Webinars.

Sharpen Your GoldMine Knowledge

We provide these Online Training & Events as a service to you! Learn practical information from an expert that will help you stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices.

Event Name
02/19/2010 QuickBooks and GoldMine Integration
02/22/2010 An Introduction to Microsoft SQL Queries and SQL Reporting Services
02/23/2010 GoldMine Premium Edition – New and Improved
02/24/2010 GoldMine Record Typing – Tapping this Powerful Workflow Tool
03/01/2010 Two Terrific Productivity Tools
03/03/2010 GoldMine Organization Chart/Relationship Tree
03/10/2010 Seeing GoldMine Through The Eyes of a Sales Rep
03/12/2010 Document Management Tricks with GoldMine
03/17/2010 Sending & Tracking Email Campaigns
03/19/2010 Using the GoldMine Email Center
03/24/2010 Windows® 7 and GoldMine Premium
03/23/2010 Crystal Reports and GoldMine
03/26/2010 Case Management with GoldMine Premium Edition
03/31/2010 Opportunity & Project Management with GoldMine
04/02/2010 Telephony Integration – GoldMine and Your Phone System
4/7/10 & 4/8/10 Automated Processes Workshop – How to Build AP’s
04/14/2010 GoldMine Filters, Groups, and SQL Queries