On-the-Fly Email Templates

On-the-Fly Email Templates are possible in the GoldMine email client. Rather than creating and saving an email template for one-time usage with a single record or a small audience such as a tagged list of records, it’s very handy to build a template on-the-fly.

I love using this feature in combination with the ability to tag records in groups or in my activity list, as a way to do quick targeted sales follow-up. It’s even more powerful if you apply filters in the activity list. For example, you could identity all the records that you have “Literature Follow-up Calls” for regarding a certain reference, and then compose a quick note to send them all.

In the client, you’ve noticed there is a tab for “Mail Merge.” Within the tab is the option to “Merge this email to a group of contacts.” It gives you the same recipient options (primary, addition, other, limit to merge code) as found in the document management center. Of course, the client lets you choose between sending now or queuing. If you know the expressions for inserting GoldMine Contact1 and Contact2 fields, you can type them into your email and they will be applied when the mail is sent or queued.

You can also start with an existing email template by selecting it from the “subject drop down list” and then editing it to suit your needs. This does not edit the original template. However, be careful that you don’t make any edit changes until you switch to the “Mail Merge” tab, otherwise you will lose the merge field feature. (GoldMine will even warn you if you make this easy mistake.)

Here’s a very quick and simple way to compose an on-the-fly email template with more graphical HTML. Just copy and paste content from your website into your email. You can even personalize it by adding a merge field for the contact at the top and your personal contact information at the bottom. Your email should maintain the links and code – although they will not be active until you view the email after it’s queued or sent.