Cleaning Up Old Activities

Ever feel like no matter how hard you try you can never get caught up? Here’s one way to clean house – and deal with outdated activities that hang over you.

One nice feature in the Activities List is the option to “Auto Update” your pending activities. This local menu feature, within any of the open activities tabs (open, calls, appointment, action, etc.), enables a user to complete or delete all the activities in view.

By selecting your date range and applying a filter beforehand, you can select those activities you want to complete or delete in one fell swoop.

You can also assign an Activity Code to all the activities you complete. This may even be a non-descript code, such as “FLD Filed” which doesn’t indicate whether you did or did not do the actual activity, rather that it was pending and now it’s filed. Or, you may have addressed a whole bunch of literature call backs with emails or fax follow-up and you therefore chose to use a code that indicates so.

There is also a “Roll-over” option in the same local menu. This will enable you to push forward a whole group of activities. Again, you may want to limit the view by date range and filter. (Caution – there is a known issue with rollover not honoring the “filter”, so test this on a limited date range before you do it for large date range.)