Blocked and Banned – Now What?

Too much of anything, even a good thing, can lead to problems. So it is with the popular use of SPAM email and mass faxing.

With anti-spam blocking and FCC banning unsolicited faxes, what are businesses to do? To begin with, careful attention to documenting and honoring opt-in and requests for removal/opt-out. Then make sure selective before any broadcast transmissions in order to ensure we do not violate the wishes of our consumers, let alone the laws which may subject us to costly fines.

GoldMine has several features that aid one with managing email and fax distribution lists including but not limited to:

· Drill down option with filters to limit records that have opted in/out
· Merge codes to identify at the contact level for both print and email
· Fields to designate multiple other criteria which is the basis for including or excluding records

(If handling email “removal requests” automatically is your goal, check out BounceLinker. This powerful GoldMine add-on is a must for any GoldMine user that does volume email marketing. In addition to handling “removals”, it can also identify records with undeliverable emails, and even attach automated processes in the event of a duplicate or removal request.)