Fewer Steps – More Results

It just stands to reason that the more steps to complete a task, the longer it takes. When it comes to redundant types of tasks, reducing steps is key to increasing productivity. One thing GoldMine enables you to do is to eliminate steps, a.k.a.”mouse clicks.”

Sales Automation is one of GoldMine’s strong features. Macros, Automated Processes, and Task Bar items are all great tools to automate a day in your life.

Automation also helps to improve consistency and data integrity, because activities and entries can be scripted. Automation can still give you flexibility, so you can modify or make entries that need human intervention. For example, a GoldMine macro that schedules a literature follow-up call for one week out can leave you off at the “Reference” field so the User can enter the appropriate product/subject information.

Management gets a dual benefit from automation. Naturally, they love it when the team can accomplish more volume with less work. At the same time, because automation is planned and configured in advance, management can have their imprint on what the automation does, so that their methodology/business process is incorporated as they see fit.

By the same token, GoldMine will allow users to configure their own Automated Processes, Macros and Task Bar items, (unless those “rights” have been taken away), so they can get the jump on others or make their life easier.

If ‘it’ happens often, automate ‘it.’ Automation is definitely a case where “less is more”!