Better Task Delegation

A mortgage finance firm looking for a better way to delegate interoffice action requests immediately recognized the benefits of GoldMine’s new Global Task Bar. Their Mortgage Processors regularly need to ask certain staff to order credit reports, title reports, payoff statements, etc. The people who perform those actions then let the processor know that they’ve done so. Now with GoldMine 5.7, using “Macros” on the Global Task Bar everyone can submit those requests with the click of a mouse. Using Alarms and the RSVP Option in Activity scheduling the administrator is immediately alerted of the request and the delegating party is automatically emailed when the task is completed. Neat and complete!

Soon, using GoldMine Automated Processes, they plan to improve upon inquiry handling, seminar registration and follow up, plus much more. In an office where paperwork and files are sometimes overwhelming, it is very appealing to automate communications to help their team function more efficiently without paper.

Another important benefit of GoldMine is the marketing and sales features. While their business is very methodical when it comes to entering client applications into a mortgage processing program, they’re needed to be a better system for handling “inquiries” (aka prospects). With GoldMine they can capture contact information, including lead source and other key facts, and then systematically conduct and track follow up, as well as report results. All terrific ways GoldMine can be used to squeeze greater returns from their advertising and referrals.