Sometimes, Less Is More

Whether you have a big or small marketing budget…sometimes less is more. Here’s what I mean.

Short, simple text-only communications to prospects and customers can be just as effective as expensive fancy marketing pieces. In fact, they can even be better. Consider these four drawbacks to more elaborate campaigns.

  1. Today, the attention span of consumers is nearly nonexistent. The longer the message, the more appealing it needs be in order to pull the reader in.
  2. It’s difficult and expensive to produce an impressive or attractive marketing piece. Besides, with consumer expectations as high as they are, a campaign is more likely to fall short of any powerful or lasting impression anyway.  

  3. In the time it takes to conceive, plan, develop, and produce even a modest quality campaign, the marketing opportunity can pass you by.  

  4. The instincts of the consumer recognize any mass produced campaign piece as being just that, mass marketing, rather than a personal communication. In other words, consumers don’t feel as though there is a real person on the sending end. Therefore, the affects of personalization are diminished. The recipient feels no sense of obligation to respond.

Consider the alterative classic guerilla marketing strategy. Quickie emails, letters and faxes. Good news for GoldMine users who already have the perfect tool for executing such campaigns.

The trick is to think of a compelling message and then create a highly personalized, extremely brief communication with one main key point and a clear call to action. I’m talking about a few sentences in an email. Or, two or three short paragraphs in a fax or letter. Nothing fancy – no big words, no strong graphics (a logo, maybe)! Use simple, sincere wording, phrased as though it was written by the sender to one person and one person only. This is the kind of marketing campaign that would not even be suspected as being a marketing campaign. Yet, it is a campaign with these major marketing advantages:

  • It’s easy and inexpensive to produce
  • It can go to market in hours, much less days
  • It works as effectively for ten as it does for a thousand
  • The feel is personal by its very nature
  • What you send gets read!!!

Since it is so easy to tweak the message, you can even target your campaigns based on details you have in GoldMine about your subject audience. So, less is more. And, since it’s less expensive, your ROI should be more too!