Boost Productivity with new 5.7 Task Bar Items

The new task bar area in GoldMine 5.7 Business Contact Manager provides greater capability to add icons to perform various functions including:

  • Macros to drive main menu commands
  • Custom user recorded macros
  • Launch other applications
  • Launch documents or executable files
  • Go to favorite web sites

Think of the possibilities! You can quickly appreciate how these new capabilities will save you time and increase productivity.

  • Performing prevalent tasks
  • Opening needed applications
  • Performing functions that you may have set-up to be run with an executable file
  • Pulling up frequently used pricing sheets or documents
  • Going to a favorite site

To add an item to a task bar group, simply right click in the task area and select “add new item.” Then, from the “Item Selection” drop down list, choose the type of item you want to add. Go on to make the appropriate further decisions to complete the procedure.

Keep in mind that the task bar groups can be local for your individual use or system wide for global or shared use. If the additions/modifications you are making only apply to you, versus other GoldMine users, make sure you’re doing these on a “global group.” (Only Master Rights users can add/edit to global group task bars.)

Take the time to organize your task bar groups to suit your daily selling activities. GoldMine power users who rely on GoldMine to manage their time and sales follow-up, find they live on GoldMine. These new task bar resources put much greater capabilities at your fingertips