Managing Multiple Email Accounts

Remember when we used to ask, “Do you have an email address?” Now the question is, “Which email address do you want me to use.” If you’re managing multiple email addresses/accounts yourself, you can use your GoldMine email Center to retrieve emails from all your accounts. Goldmine has the ability to communicate with different mail servers based on their authentication protocols. The authentication protocol allows the user to transmit password or other identification from your system to the mail server. GoldMine supports three methods of authentication protocol: PASS, APOP, and SPA. We will deal with the PASS protocol which transmits your password without encryption, though it can leave your password vulnerable. Just use the following steps to set up your additional accounts.

  • Launch GoldMine
  • Select Edit | Preferences | Internet
  • Select the Accounts button
  • Select New
  • Type an Account Name
  • Define each of the following fields: POP3 server, username, password, SMTP server and your return address

It’s that simple to set up multiple accounts! In the next issue we’ll configure your Internet preferences.

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