GoldMine 2020.1 Hotfix 2 Released

What’s Changed in GoldMine Version 2020.1 HotFix 2

  • GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Office was upgraded to Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  • Starting with this version, the ability to create, edit, rename and delete Web Import profiles has been removed.

What’s Fixed in GoldMine Version 2020.1 HotFix 2

  • Modifying or Repairing GoldMine will change the DBALIAS.INI so that a certificate is expected (TRUSTSELFSIGNEDCERTIFICATES=yes will bechanged to no)
  • GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Word will not be installed or cannot be activated on some systems due to the main registry keys missing
  • GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Outlook – GoldMine Addressbook will beadded but will not display
  • When a received email contains the HTML tag ContentEditable=false, the reply or forward cannot be edited. Happens for ConnectWise and BlackBerry emails
  • “PDA Table was not initialized”error when Goldmine tries to sync with Outlook using the Outlook Link when Outlook is not yet opened
  • Some inbound emails cause Goldmine to crash.
  • Misleading and wrong functionality with the new Additional Contact’s feature >> Delete of one row, deletes more than expected, right click send does take wrong email address etc.
  • Transfer set hanging when synchronizing the Mailbox
  • In Email threads, part of the emails are received with strike-through text, the original sent email does not show strike-through parts.
  • Purging GoldMine Files Logs/Contact Files Logs will crash GoldMine
  • Only one note is displayed on the Case Details system report but for each note a separate entry pending and histories added into the pending/history section
  • Notes are displayed on the Case Details system report with HTML tags instead of only text and also only one note is displayed
  • Can not add any customized details in GoldMine Web when there is a H rectype record with more than 2 Field customizations in the CONTSUPP for the detail definition
  • Abnormal program termination when downloading a Constant contact campaign after a restart of GoldMine 2 times in a row (DateSent field gets blanked out)
  • When it is necessary to browse to theLicenseGM95.bin when starting GoldMine on a client >> File type is wrong (e.g LicenseGM94.bin)
  • Replying to emails using the original message converts upper case to lower case-also apostrophes and special chars are destroyed (‘, £, € etc)


For Release Notes for previous versions, please see here.