GoldMine 2019.1 HotFix 1 Released

What’s Fixed in GoldMine 2019.1 HotFix 1

  • When creating a contact record and adding an email address via the E-mail Addresses dialog the lookup list for E-mail merge field is wrong and instead from the normal merge code field
  • Forwarding emails with multiple attachments does not include any attachments after an attachment name with an apostrophe in it
  • If a field contains an apostrophe, a ‘ (single quote) or double (”) in the label >> subsequent fields cannot be selected anymore in Column Selection of Contact Search Center and GoldMine crashes when field is selected
  • Delete button cannot be disabled in cases
  • Websites over 40 characters and that have multi-line notes, when the website is edited notes on line 2 and after are deleted.
  • Fax attachments are stripped from GoldMine emails
  • Drafted emails, removing HTML/Rich text, will remove also all line breaks (regression to 2017.1.0.422 and also 2016.1.0.188)
  • Cannot change Alarm option in the user preferences from Pop-up to Task-bar notification
  • Subject line in email cuts off after 87 characters
  • Contact Search Center – Name (additional) is the Search by field and error message when column is added or not displayed in CSC when Search By column is used
  • NEW emails: Foreign characters are destroyed when using field macros in email templates
  • Selecting Printer icon at the top of an open case, the report that is generated shows no History Activity value and is missing the Pending Activities
  • Constant Contact >> New Email List dialog has typo and misleading information about mapping and no other user’s groups can be selected, although this works from contact groups
  • After changing the Activity Type for an Automated Process (AP) in Perform Actions >> Create History >> Options >> Activity Type the original selected Activity is still recorded
  • Sending emails with images will occasionally cause the filename to be changed from image.png to image..png, breaking the image.
  • Multi-User activity against an additional contact will change on the receiving site to an activity scheduled against the primary contact record
  • GoldMine exported calendar .ics file does not contain a hyphen for the “VALARM:TRIGGER”
  • Date sent on Constant Contact Campaigns are not sorting correctly when system is set to a non US english date format (only campaigns after the 13th of month are then recognized correctly)
  • Sending an Encrypted email using Digital ID to a contact record, where the certificate was imported >> The authenticity of the ‘Public Key’ portion of the recipient’s certificate cannot be verified
  • With GoldMine Link for Outlook enabled, Outlook uses 3x the CPU that it uses with the add-in disabled
  • FRESH installation of GoldMine Premium causes the following error: File NOT found: C:\Program Files (x86)\GoldMine\OnlineHelp\default.htm

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