NO Catch – Two GoldMine Add-on Applications for FREE!

Details Plus and Scanner Plus

Many years ago one of my favorite GoldMine experts and developers, Paul Redstone in England, wrote two add-on applications for GoldMine – Details Plus and Scanner Plus – to enhance GoldMine CRM. With the help of GoldMine Partners, Paul has sold thousands of licenses across the world.

Paul is now semi-retired and expects to fully retire in the next few years. He made an unusual decision to make these applications free. That’s right – FREE. NO catch. (Donations are accepted.)

While these applications are built on some rather old development technology, Paul has tried as best he can to make them fairly “future proof” and as stable as the can be. Plus, these applications still serve useful purposes for GoldMine users.

(Note:  An earlier edition of Details Plus, Details Plus 1, is not supported and is only for very old versions of GoldMine.)

Paul Redstone is one of the nicest and most honest people I have ever met. He has been an asset to the GoldMine community for decades! I will miss Paul and I wish him all the best in retirement!


GoldMine ‘details’ allow data to be captured on a ‘one-to-many’ basis against a contact record. This is ideal for holding information such as event attendance, equipment or licence management, subscriptions etc.

For some applications however, standard Goldmine details can be limiting. Details Plus™ is a low cost, (and probably the world’s biggest selling GoldMine add-on), that extends the standard GoldMine details by providing:

  • User configurable screen layouts for manual or web import data capture

  • Extra fields* with user designation as character, date or numeric.

  • Calculated and default field values.

  • Direct merge capability to Word or email templates.

  • Fast queries on any combination of details fields.

  • Build GoldMine Groups

  • Data export to common file formats

*5 extra fields for GoldMine versions up to 8.0, 1 extra field from version 8.5 onward.

Details Plus has been updated to take advantage of new developments in GoldMine, that allow it to run as a plug-in as well as the conventional option of being launched separately. This new product is designated ‘Details Plus 2’, to differentiate it from the original release of Details Plus, which will still be available for existing users and sites with versions of GoldMine earlier than 6.7. Details Plus 2 is strongly recommended for use with all versions of GoldMine Premium Edition and is the only one which will run with Premium Edition 9.x and GoldMine 2013 GoldMine 2014 and GoldMine 2015.

The following screenshot shows Details Plus as a plug-in with GoldMine Premium:


Scanner Plus is the integrated scanning solution for GoldMine, from the developers that brought you the award-winning GoldMine add-in, Details Plus. With just two clicks, you can now make any letters, invoices or documents simultaneously accessible to any GoldMine user in your company. Below are just some of the features:

  • Scan from single or multiple TWAIN compatible scanners

  • Configurable scan parameters

  • One click notification to GoldMine user – using GoldMine e-mail

  • Supports automatic document feeders and automatic duplex scanning

  • Works with GoldMine 6.7, 7.x, Premium Edition (8.x, 9.x and GoldMine 2013, 2014 and 2015)

  • Scans, saves and links to GoldMine record with just two clicks

  • Save in PDF, TIF, JPEG or BMP formats

  • Crop or rotate images

  • The most cost-effective integrated scanning solution

  • Image files can be marked to sync

GoldMine already stores and logs all outgoing activity. Now with Scanner Plus, you can store all incoming correspondence as well (shown in the links tab).

Even though these applications are FREE, one still needs to have a suitable use for them to make them of any value to your organization.  To help you determine whether either Details Plus or Scanner Plus will fit your needs, contact me at First Direct and we will help you to figure this out.  If you would like one or both of these applications, we will supply you a download file at no charge.  And, if you’d like our professional assistance to deploy and configure them, we can continue to work with you.