GoldMine 2018.2 Hotfix 1 Released

What’s changed in GoldMine 2018.2 HotFix 1

  • Increased the number of failed passwords tries from 3 to 5 before blocking an account. Due to this, all accounts that were blocked on previous versions become now unlocked and have 2 more tries available.
  • Constant Contact integration is currently using TLS 1.2 protocol to establish a secure communication channel to all Constant Contact API endpoints.

What’s Fixed in GoldMine 2018.2 HotFix 1

  • Block the account after 3 invalid logon attempts is now greyed out and especially not adjustable (between 3-10)
  • Block account feature not working correctly when shortcut switches are used
  • Diacritical chars shows up as strange chars in reply when using a template with a ‘local’ picture
  • GoldSync Service does not start – eventlog shows Invalid user or password. failed: Unknown: ffffffff
  • Google Sync configuration cannot be opened
  • Outlook Link error – The container named “” is not defined in this configuration section
  • Constant Contact broken

If you would like to schedule this update or speak to a technician about this update, please contact us or call – 800-935-4386.