QbGold allows you to see your QuickBooks transactions like Estimates, Sales Orders and Invoices for Customers and Purchase Orders for Vendors in GoldMine. Syncing can be set manually or automatically.


Introduction to qbGold

  1. qbGold provides Goldmine Users with visibility of QuickBooks transactions like Purchase Orders for Vendors, Quotes, Sales Orders and even Invoices.
  2. qbGold allows an authorized Administrator to add a Client Record from GoldMine to QuickBooks saving on duplication of data entry.
  3. qbGold synchronizes all records from QuickBooks to GoldMine manually or automatically. Set the Sync frequency that you need, every x minutes, hours, days, at a specified time or only during a set time period.

Synchronizations Rules

Create Your Own Rules

Creating Rules are easy and a great way to control the way your contacts synchronize and link between GoldMine and QuickBooks.

Link QuickBooks and GoldMine Records

Use rules to build links between QuickBooks and GoldMine on the data you’ve already entered. You can create Multiple Rules.

Access to QuickBooks and GoldMine Fields

While you build rules within qbGold you will have access to fields from within QuickBooks and GoldMine. An Example is Linking based on Email Address.

Customer & Vendor Transactions

Customer Synchronization

From the settings window, you can pick the mapping you need for Contact Fields, Summary Fields (v2) and Transactions.

Vendor Synchronization

Once you have identified how you identify a Customer and Vendor in GoldMine, you can modify what will sync from QB Vendors to GoldMine.

Transaction Synchronization

Once Customers and Vendors have been set up, don’t forget to pick the transactions you want to sync into GoldMine. Sales Orders, Estimates, Purchase Orders and Invoices.