QuoteWerks and ‘QuickBooks Online’ Integration

The QuickBooks Online Integration enables users to quickly, easily, and accurately send any QuoteWerks document to QuickBooks Online as an Estimate, Invoice, Sales Receipt, or Purchase Order.

Once exported, QuoteWerks will:

  • Create items that do not currently exist
  • Create customers that do not currently exist
  • Write all line items into QuickBooks document
  • Create terms and shipping in QuickBooks Online
  • and much more!

Users can also pull items from the QuickBooks Online Item list directly into QuoteWerks.

Below is the full QuoteWerks and QuickBooks Online webinar.

How does it work?

QuickBooks Online Introduction Video

Watch our introduction video to QuickBooks Online to see an overview of how the integration between QuoteWerks and QuickBooks Online.  This video will illustrate how the integration will export documents to QuickBooks Online as an estimate, invoice, or sales receipt.

QuickBooks Online Integration Features

Export Documents to QuickBooks Online
QuoteWerks will export any document to QuickBooks Online as an estimate, invoice, sales receipt or Purchase Order.
Pull Items from QuickBooks Online
Search and quote items from your QuickBooks Item list and pull them directly into your QuoteWerks documents.
Create Items
Any items that do not currently exist in your QuickBooks Online item list will be created and associated with the correct accounts.
Create Customers
Customers that do not currently exist in QuickBooks Online will be created in QuickBooks Online when a document is exported from QuoteWerks.
Pull Contacts from QuickBooks Online
Search for contacts from QucikBooks Online and add them to the Sold to/Ship to tab in QuoteWerks.

Have questions about QuickBooks Online Integration?

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