How to find the IMAP folder structure for “Sent emails” on your mail server using Microsoft Outlook?


Emails sent from mobile devices or other email clients are not auto-linking in GoldMine when users log into GoldMine Web. This is most likely due to the incorrect configuration of GoldMine Web/GoldMine Connect, and the name used for the SENT ITEMS folder on your mail server.


1. Create an Outlook Profile for the IMAP email account in question
2. Start Outlook with the profile/account
3. Right Click on the IMAP account (usually labeled as the email address)

4. Click the Query button in the IMAP Folders dialog window and review the list of displayed folder names.

For this tested mail server account: Inbox.Sent

For a GMAIL account: [Gmail]/Sent Mail

Additional Information for GoldMine Web:

1. Send a test email from the desired email client you are going to use from with GoldMne Web
2. Verify using a web email client or Microsoft Outlook in which folder the sent email is placed.
3. Identify the specific folder via Microsoft Outlook with the above given steps

This is the folder which needs to be entered into:
Tools >> Configure >> GoldMine Connect >> Name of Sent Items Folder:

For a test mail server account:

For a GMAIL account:

GoldMine Connect requires to write the folder exactly as displayed for example [GMAIL]/Sent Mail may not work while [Gmail]/Sent Mail works.


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