How to Customize The NEW Outlook Link in GoldMine 2017.1

GoldMine revamped the Outlook add-in with the release of GoldMine Premium Edition 2017. The new Outlook add-in, now called the “Outlook Link”, works similarly to the old add-in but has been given a make-over.

Right Click Menu

First, the GoldMine window pane has been removed. Users can access all Outlook Link functions via the GoldMine ribbon menu. And now many of those functions are also accessible via a right-click on an email in your inbox/sent items view.  See image

Some users have noticed that with the new Outlook Link for GoldMine 2017.1  that an extra click is now required to go to the GoldMine toolbar in the ribbon in order to link an email or go to the GoldMine record that an email in Outlook is linked to.



There is a way to add the GoldMine menu options to the main ribbon, so that you do not need to do the extra click to access the drop down toolbar.

Steps for Customizing Ribbon:

  1. In the outlook toolbar, right click and select customize ribbon
  2. On the right frame of the window where it says ‘main tabs’, Right Click on the HOME tab and select add new group
  3. On the left side of the window in the drop down box select “Choose commands from” MAIN TABS
  4. expand the goldmine section and add the button(s) you want included in the Home Ribbon
  5. The buttons should appear in the Home tab now
Adding to the “RIBBON”

The other issue users are reporting is that when viewing the emails in your Outlook there is no way to Search to see if there is a contact record in GM to link an email to. This process has changed from the old link. Outlook will now display an empty check box with the GM Company name of a record from GoldMine (if displaying that column). The empty checkbox indicates that there is a record in GoldMine the email could be linked to.

For even easier access to functions, users can add the Outlook Link buttons to Outlook’s Quick Access Toolbar (shown at the top-left corner of the Outlook window). And now the GoldMine 2017 installer will automatically add the “GM” and “GM Company” columns to users’ inbox and sent items folders. Previously, this had to be done manually on each user’s machine.



Editing the Quick Access Toolbar


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