Killer App – Email Templates

image-ready-to-goYou’d have to live under a rock to not be using Email today. But a lot of businesses have failed to take advantage of one of the great features in most email applications – Templates. Simply put, an email template is a pre-written, pre-designed, and stored email that is ready to use when the need arises. It takes the place of “copy & paste” from older emails.

The benefits are many, including but not limited to:
• Useful for fulfilling responses and information requests
• Time savings and productivity
• Accuracy and consistency
• Develop better copy and design for a high quality communication
• Incorporate merge fields for personalization
• Less training and copy writing skill required for smart messages
• Build links to website content
• Ensure proper graphics, boilerplate, and disclaimers are included
• Templates can be developed for users
• Templates offer tracking advantages for better analytics

Organizations are wise to prepare templates for their users, or at a minimum, to train their staff on creating their own templates. GoldMine has attractive features for creating, storing, sharing, and using email templates. Templates are centrally stored in a document center for shared access.

Sales people are the most obvious category of users who can benefit from templates. But don’t overlook significant value that can be derived by customer service reps, administrative staff, and others!

First Direct Corp. has many training options if you’d like to learn more about creating and using email templates with GoldMine. Contact us today at 845-221-3800.