Use IntelliClick to create, send and track HTML email marketing campaigns with GoldMine CRM


IntelliClick is a popular GoldMine –  Email Marketing add-on product that allows you to do the following:request-a-demo1-370x287-150x150

  1. Create professional looking HTML emails.
  2. Send/Merge your HTML Emails to your GoldMine CRM contact lists (Groups).
  3. Track who opened your email and update their contact record in GoldMine.
  4. Track who clicked on a link in your email and update their contact record in GoldMine.
  5. Track who unsubscribed from your email and update their email address/contact record in GoldMine.
  6. Track who forwarded your email and ADD the contact(s) they forwarded it to as new contacts in GoldMine.
  7. Track what pages on your website your email recipients visit, and do this each time the visit in the future.
  8. Manage the hard bounces that occur and allows you to remove/delete those emails from GoldMine easily.
  9. Instantly alert/notify your GoldMine users/sales reps when the above actions occur, i.e email is opened, link is clicked, contact unsubscribes, etc.
  10. Plus much much more….

There are thousands of e-mail marketing tools out there, but they all fail in one fundamental way – they’re not linked to your internal sales process or your CRM database. IntelliClick for GoldMine offers a better way to do Email Marketing.

IntelliClick is different from all other types  of e-mail marketing systems. IntelliClick allows personalized email campaigns to be sent and tracked directly within your GoldMine. Each contact record is updated based on the actions your email recipients take and you can INSTANTLY alert/notify your internal GoldMine users/sales reps when your email recipients interact with your emails.