GoldMine Toolbar Tips


Most desktop software applications have a toolbar, below the pull-down menu categories, that features buttons (icons) which are nothing more than shortcuts to features in the application.  It’s true with GoldMine.

GoldMine allows users to modify their toolbar in order to add/remove from a list of standard toolbar choices, as well as to add custom choices from any of the menus.   By right-clicking at the end of the toolbar you’ll evoke a short menu which will give you the option to display the toolbar, the taskbar, or to edit either.  Here a few pointers for building a more practical toolbar:

  • Remove choices that are seldom or never used
  • Add choices that you use on a regular basis
  • Shorten the name (label) on the toolbar to increase the number of toolbar choices you can fit within the horizontal space you have to work within.  (e.g. change “Universal Search” to “U-Search”)
  • Put the toolbar icons in a logical order so that functions that go together are together
  • Consider using a “Taskbar” if you want to group a number of shortcuts together that you need on occasion, but not frequently enough to warrant having on your main Toolbar.

Take a moment to work more efficiently.  The toolbar can save you a little time finding and selecting regularly used features.  As your usage of GoldMine evolves, your toolbar will likely need to be updated.