Announcement from Maker of GoldMine (Heat Software)

Today, the maker of GoldMine Software, including GoldMine Web and GoldMine Mobile, made the following announcement.  “The release of GoldMine 2015.2 with a mobile responsive design means that a GoldMine user can access their database using desktop, laptop, tablet, and smart phone – all with the same data display and features. We view this version as a powerful option to provide our users with a simple, modern and intuitive interface that is easy to deploy. This is where additional enhancements will be made in the future.

It is included for free with any purchase, upgrade, and for maintenance customers. We want every user to see it and know that it is available. Effective 2/1/2016, we will no longer ship new licenses of mobile with bundles or as a sale or promotional item. Support will continue for 18 months through July 31st, 2017.”