IntelliClick for GoldMine Special Limited Time Offer

New IntelliClick customers get an additional 3 Months of service with their 1st year subscription if they purchase before March 31, 2016.


There are thousands of e-mail marketing tools out there, but they all fail in one fundamental way – they’re not linked to your internal sales process or your CRM database. They allow you to create an e-mail and send to your uploaded contact list and then you can view some fancy reports about who opened, unsubscribed and clicked on a link, and who bounced, but that’s about it. If this sounds like how your organization is sending emails today, IntelliClick for GoldMine offers a better way to do Email Marketing.

IntelliClick is different from all other types  of e-mail marketing systems. IntelliClick is a GoldMine add-on tool that allows personalized email campaigns to be sent and tracked directly within your GoldMine. Each GoldMine contact record is updated based on the actions your email recipients take and you can instantly alert/notify your internal GoldMine users/sales reps (Scheduled Call, Email or SMS Text Message) when those actions occur.

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