ATTENTION: QuoteWerks Users with Custom Integration!

We here at First Direct Corporation were just notified by Aspire Technologies, the makers of QuoteWerks, that the soon to be released QuoteWerks v5.0 includes a breaking change regarding the QuoteWerks API (Application Programming Interface).

If you have done custom integration of your QuoteWerks, you should contact your programmer as soon as possible to answer any questions you may have about what would need to be done in order to update your custom QuoteWerks addon to make it compatible with the new QuoteWerks v5.0 software.

If you are effected by this change, we recommend you do NOT upgrade to QuoteWerks v5.0 until you have looked into this matter.  If you are interested in First Direct’s technical assistance you can contact us at (800) 935-4386.

Below is the notice First Direct Corp. received from Aspire Technologies:

QuoteWerks version 5.0 is planned for release on November 12th, 2014. This new version required a breaking change to the API. Any integrated applications will need to recompile against the version 5.0 objects. There are no code changes required, only a recompile with the current version 5.0 interfaces. We apologize for any inconveniences this change causes.

-The QuoteWerks Development Team