Send a GoldMine Alarm Reminder to Mobile Device

GoldMine’s Options (in and higher) now make it easier to set your preferences so that GoldMine will automatically send a message to your mobile device if an alarm is overlooked.

In your User’s Options, under the tab for “Messaging” you can specify the email address for your device.

GMS - Message Option


There is also the option to only send messages when alarms are overlooked.  I prefer this option.  This way, if I leave my GoldMine running while I’m out of the office and an alarm has been set by me or someone else for me, and I don’t acknowledge it because I’m out of the office, GoldMine will send it as a text to my cell phone.  But when I’m in the office, I can simply acknowledge the alarm in time and the message will NOT be sent to my phone.

GMS - Overlooked Alarm Message


This is a great feature if you have users in the field!