Hiding Out in Your GoldMine Database

Database clean-up is often overlooked and problems are often hiding out under the surface and can bite you in a big way.  One reason is that GoldMine administrators don’t know where to look.  Consider the following 10 places where problems in your GoldMine database can lie:

  1. Is the integrity of both the database and network backups viable and intact?  Can you restore from that backup in case of disaster?
  2. Has the data you use on a daily basis become overgrown with duplicates or irrelevant data?
  3. Is there corruption lurking in the background that could thwart your efforts to grow your business?
  4. Does your hardware support your current software configuration?  And will it continue to support it throughout the upgrades over the course of the year?
  5. Are field values consistent or have users been making inappropriate entries?
  6. Are there useless images and old data taking up needed space, slowing down your system, and bogging down backups.
  7. Do you have piles of outdated activities that can be removed or filed?
  8. Are their templates, groups, filters, and other entries that aren’t needed anymore?
  9. Is there history that you don’t need to store and could be deleted to reduce clutter in records?
  10. Are there any unnecessary processes running that are slowing your system down?  (Database scans, activity roll-overs, batch updates, etc.)

A good way to ensure future success is to look back at previous methods, re-evaluate, adjust and move forward.   Take the time to do some ‘house cleaning’ of your database and you’ll be much happier with the results it provides you and your organization.

First Direct offers a database clean-up class to for GoldMine Administrator.