What's A Case?

Ask “what’s a case” to a lawyer, social worker, or liquor store clerk and you’ll get three very different answers to the same question.  The point is a “case” is what you make of it.  And, such is the case with “Case Management” in GoldMine Premium CRM.

The common uses for Cases and the Service Center, where cases are viewed and managed, are customer service and technical support.  But Cases can be used to handle a variety of issues.  We have customers that track quality control problems, product defects, Return Merchandise Authorizations (RMA), and reports of incidents.  Frankly, the uses are as varied as businesses and the needs they have for keeping track of matters that require attention and should not be left to fall through the cracks.

Cases in GoldMine have many attractive qualities and are an excellent addition the GoldMine Premium CRM database.  Here are some of the reasons to use cases:

  1. Track and maintain a list of Cases
  2. Relate Cases to your contact database
  3. Schedule GM Users activities linked to Cases
  4. Ability to view and sort by various factors, including:  Status (open and closes), GM User Assigned to the Case, Subject, Age, Deadline, etc.
  5. Link email communications (GM and Outlook) to Cases

Cases in GoldMine offer some custom configuration options, so you can mold the usage to your business processes.  With a little imagination you might be surprised how well it can suit the needs of your business.

First Direct offers a webinar class on Case Management for GoldMine administrators looking to make it will work for their organization.  Or contact us at (800) 935-4386 to discuss your needs.