Lookup.ini – Automatically Enter or Update Data in a GoldMine Field When Creating a New Record or Updating a Field

Did you know that you can instruct GoldMine to automatically enter information into a field or multiple fields when creating a new contact record or updating a field in an existing contact record? The time saving data entry benefits of this are alone enough to warrant use of this lesser known feature of GoldMine, not to mention the benefit of eliminating human data entry errors.

Lets look at an example:

When creating a new contact record in GoldMine, let’s imagine that you want to populate other key information for this record such as, assigning a sales rep based on the state the contact is in. In addition to the sale rep name you also want to add the assigned sales rep email address and phone number. This information can be used to merge into print mailings and email campaigns so it looks like the campaign came from the assigned sales rep.

Using the Lookup.ini, all a GoldMine user would have to do is add the basic contact information (Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, etc. etc.)  and as soon as the contact was added the fields for the Sales Rep Name, Sales Rep Email, Sales Rep Phone, etc. etc would automatically be populated based on the state the contact is from.

You can also update fields when a particular field is updated/edited. Lets say you wanted to change the assigned Sales Rep for a particular contact. All the GoldMine user would have to do is update the Sales Rep Name field and  then  the Sales Rep Email and Sales Rep Phone fields would update automatically.

NOTE: With the latest version of GoldMine Premium Edition you can globally update a filter/group of records and when doing so specify that the update should be done based on the instructions in the Lookup.ini file.

If you are interested in learning more about the possibilities of the Lookup.ini file in GoldMine, please contact us.