Beyond the “Click” – eMarketing That Takes Action

Take your GoldMine e-mail marketing campaigns to new levels with IntelliClick.

Send personalized email campaigns that track instantly back to your GoldMine database.  IntelliClick alerts your sales team by e-mail, text message or scheduled phone calls in your GoldMine CRM system.  As email campaign recipients access “intelligent” hyperlinks inserted into your campaigns, designated individuals in your organization are alerted so that they can take action to kick start your sales process. Integration with your GoldMine system, logs all tracked responses (email opens, web hyperlink clicks, one button literature fulfillment, one button call request and unsubscribe), allowing timely follow-up to be triggered.

Go beyond the first click to gain even more insight into your target audience interests using IntelliClick to track web site pages viewed and the frequency visitors return to your web site for each campaign to enable timely sales follow-up.

With the purchase of IntelliClick you are provided an SMTP Relay account for reliable email delivery of messages sent directly from your contact database via the IntelliClick Unified Email SMTP relay option.  Using the Unified Email portal, you can retrieve reports on the effectiveness of your message delivery and bounce rates.

IntelliClick also includes a library of professionally prepared HTML templates (see examples) which you can readily use and modify with the on-line HTML WYSWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor. Benefit from messages that pack a punch and are designed to be optimally displayed by virtually all email applications.

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