Social Media in Plain English

Confused about Social Media and tools like Twitter? You’re not alone.  Some liken it to the early days of the Internet when everyone felt they had to have a website but didn’t know why.

Eventually social media tools will be just another component of the overall media and communications construct, which doesn’t make them any less significant!  In fact, as they become more “mainstream” they also become more essential.  And, as such, the experts in this field will find their place.

In the meantime, there’s still a whole bunch of folks, in and outside business, who are rather confused about the social media scene.  I like it when you find someone who “gets it” and finds a way to communicate that understanding to the masses in ways that help others to “get it” too!  Here’s such an example…

Here are links to two short YouTube videos that make a couple topics simple — really simple!

Have a look at these two short videos and a list of ideas for Twitter:

How are you leveraging Social Media in your organization?  I’d love to see your comments!  Or, contact me personally, Bob Ritter, at First Direct Corp. (800) 935-4386 x 101 if you’d like to discuss this topic.  I’d especially be interested in how you’re integrating social media with your use of CRM and your website.

I could plug a few other experts in the social media field that I’ve come across and may do that in a future post.  Meanwhile, I hope to hear from you!